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Paint Correction

One of the most important areas of a vehicle is paint. Its the first thing we see as a car zooms past on the highway, or that glimmer coming from the back of the parking lot. Sadly, the majority of vehicles dont get to maintain that factory shine due to challenges like road grime, tar, water spots, auto car washes, bird muck, and tree sap just to name a few of the enemies of paint. Although these things cant always be stopped, rest assured that they can be corrected! We offer a variety of paint correction polishes and glazes designed to rapidly and evenly remove heavy imperfections that deliver a bright, smooth, flawless, perfect finish that can be applied by hand or machine.

Our Process

1. Wash & Decontaminate

2. Mask off Vehicle – no exposed trim or textures trim

3. Analyze Vehicle Current Clear Coat Thickness with a paint gauge

4. Formulate the correct type of Compound and Pads to suit the paint’s needs for a TRUE Paint Correction

5. We Panel Wipe the vehicle to take any fillers out of the paint to expose all clear scratches

6. We use our high output T5 correction lighting system along with scan grip cool & warm color matching lights to show any and all defects for a true paint correction

7. Once we identify all of the impurities (scratches, marring, factory defects, swirls, hazing, buff trails, holograms, etc…) our team of International Detail Association Certified Detailers & Paint Correction Specialists begins leveling the clear coat to its original luster.

Paint Protection

Each and every vehicle is susceptible to road wear, sand and rock damage, and weathering effects, and the most noticeable area from these problems is your precious paint job. Thankfully technological advancements have provided us with a durable, performance focused, protective paint ceramic that is engineered to keep the look and feel of your paint for years and years, blocking whatever the road attempts to throw your way. Options vary from full packages covering front bumpers, hoods, side wheel wells and side-view mirrors.

Watch It In Action!

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Trim Restoration

Restore that shine

What is shiny paint if you have faded and dull black trim on your car? Cleaning restoring black car trim is easier than ever due to new products on the market. Not only do products exist that allow you to protect black car trim at the same time you wax your car, but if your black trim pieces have become dull and faded, there are amazing products that are guaranteed to restore the black trim on your car to look better than new, and do so with little follow-up maintenance.
  • Make your trim look new
  • Give it that wet look
  • Get rid of scuffs and minor scratches
  • Bring back the true color of faded pieces

Paint Protection Film

Guard your paint against rocks

Why should I get Paint Protection Film? This practically transparent film can help maintain your paint job and keep it looking mint, considerably decreases paint job chips and bug damage and maintains vehicles appearance for a longer time so it helps maximize your trade-in value. Paint protection film is easily the most highly effective method of safeguarding vehicles from street damages for example rock chips, dust and debris, scuff marks etc. This slim transparent paint protection is made to preserve cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans as well as other kinds of motor vehicles creating a safegard , protecting against day to day paint damages. The non-yellowing film forms an invisible auto bra that can be waxed and maintained just like your paint to maintain the original high gloss shine of modern vehicles.

Window Tinting

Interior protection from sunlight

Avoid allowing the sun damage your interior of your vehicle. Have your vehicle windows tinted today by the specialists at A Perfect Experience Auto Detailing. Discover why you need to take into account tinting your automobile’s windows before the sunshine ruins your investment. A Perfect Experience Auto Detailing offers the highest quality window tinting solutions for the North Bay and Santa Rosa. We certainly have developed into the best dependable place in the North Bay, by making sure our clients are met with top notch services, utilizing one of the maximum quality window films in the the tinting business. Our personnel encompasses solely extremely skilled individuals that have great pride in the jobs which they perform. We make an effort to ensure our clients are content with the high quality workmanship performed on their cars, trucks, boats or RVs, knowing that they are really pleased with the services they received.