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Read What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

I have to say that my car now looks at least 10X better then it did when I drove it off the lot a little more then a week ago. I was also given the best advice on how to keep it clean and flawless for a lifetime. He was friendly and got the work done right; no shortcuts. I am very satisfied with his service and would EXTREMELY recommend it to anyone wanting the best auto detailing in Sonoma County.

Darrell C.

Shawn is your go-to-guy if you want your car looking and smelling like it came out of a new car lot. He is professional and absolutely knows what he is doing and talking about. I had Shawn come out on a random weekday to come appraise my SUV for some deep cleaning. We set a time that would be of convenience to the both of us and let me tell you, HE WAS ON TIME. First sign to a perfect experience I would say. He did some inspection on my vehicle, gave me a good price and continued inspecting it. When I asked what he was looking at, he pointed out some dings and scratch marks from shopping carts that I had not even noticed. He went into his truck, got some stuff out to remove those scratches and they were GONE! I was amazed by how detailed oriented he was. Later in the week, he called to follow-up. One of the best local business practices I have come accross in while!

Susan K.

Shawn made getting my car detailed so easy and did such an amazing job! My car looks better today than the day I bought it and he even fixed my broken seat! Everything was beyond convienient as he picked my car up and dropped it off! I highly recommend this business to anyone who wants it done the right way! Ive had my car detailed other places and you definitely get what you pay for! I will definitely be back! He knows his business!!!

Lasha B.

If you need your car detailed, Shawn at A Perfect Experience Auto Detail is the best around!
– He was extremely flexible in accommodating my work schedule.
– The price was excellent for what I requested which was a “basic detail”, but there was nothing basic about it. My car was clean in places that I did not know existed. It looks brand new to me and smells brand new. While I thought this was the best detail I have ever had on my car, I knew he had the expertise and capacity to do much more than what I had budgeted for my car detail. He told me about EVERYTHING that could be done to make my car look literally like it just came off the lot. I know when the time comes for a supreme detail, I will be returning to him!

Shawn is definitely an expert in his field. He is extremely friendly, professional and accommodating. And his work is top-notch. Thank you again, Shawn! I feel so good driving my car everyday and I owe that to you!

M. Y.

Shawn and his team make magic happen to my ride I had 2016 silverado 2500 hd that has a lot factory flaws and defects also would scratch just wiping with a towel him and his team ceramic coated the exterior an interior and with a lot love they brung it back you would think it wouldn’t have no defects bien new but buyer beware maybe you should have a ceramic detail included on your purchase price Shawn you did amazing job brother and very happy to see my truck better looking then new it was worth the money hands down and thank you for all the hours put into my truck my name is Jesse fox and I am now proud owner of a new 2016 silverado hd2500 thanks To A.P.E DETAIL.

Jesse F.

The best detail I have ever had was done here at A Perfectexperience. They came and pick up my car and brought it back. Extremely professional and courteous. So if you are looking to have your car look brand new for a reasonable price, bring it here.

Christina W.

Shawn just finished up one of our company vehicles (construction, so you can imagine how bad it was) and I must say it came out WAY better then I had expected. Shawn was very accommodating and professional. He truly went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the end result. I would defiantly recommend this company for your vehicle detailing. Thank you Shawn and staff, I am one happy gal. I know you had your work cut out for you and you totally stepped up to the plate. Wish you lots of success.

Jessica C.

I was basically a walk-in, saw their website last minute after buying a new 4runner. These guys are awesome! They not only did a phenomenal job cleaning my 4runner. They went as far as making sure i had a ride back. My ride is like NEW. You get what you pay for with these guys but much much more. Shawn did a full inspection and showed me paint correction errors and gave me some tips. Chris the detailer worked late making sure the job got done in time. These guys are on a whole different level. I had to make a yelp account just so i can give them a review.

Justin S.

A Perfect Experience is in a league of their own. After finding them on Google search and reading their website, I scheduled an appointment. Shawn did a full inspection, showed me paint correction errors from the dealer and how improperly the car was previously detailed. Long story short, he kept it all day and I picked it up.later that evening. It looked amazing. It looked better than it did on the lot. I highly reccommend A Perfect Experience Auto Detailing, if you want just that… A Perfect Experience by a true professional!

Mark G.

Shawn and his team are extreme pros at detailing and take to to the next level everyday. I would not hesitate to take my vehicle to him for any service. What are you waiting for!!

Bill Q.

Great experience. I had some tough road grime/oil on my car, and Shawn took care of it, along with a superb detail on my car. Very professional and knowledgeable.. Will definitely be back.

Hailey B.

Headlight restoration…came out amazing great job!

Mia E.

Awesome place. They detailed my Infiniti G35 after we bought it from the dealer. They were quick to point out flaws and correct them with their services. Shawn is highly knowledgeable and great to work with. Highly Recommended!!

Tony M.